What us women want

WE, women are very complicated people. We change our mood more often than the weather changes itself, someone said.
I have to agree with this. This happens to me very often and without any reason at all sometimes. Of course, sometimes it happens every month when the hormones kicks in. So of course, our men, don’t know how to react to our moods and often, they tend to ignore us, which is the best method, in my opinion.
Some times, they decide to get into a discussion with us, women, and men…they regret it after.
It happened to me and my husband yesterday…I had a bad day yesterday.

I came from my laser clinic, where I did a treatment for my arm area. I am a sensitive person, I’ve always been and this time, like never, it hurt so badly. The doctor started the procedure like always. She began with the first level and then slowly went to the highest level of pulsation. But when it got at the last level it hurt so badly and I got all red. I don’t know why. I’ve done laser hair removal before and had no problem. And now…so much pain. And no explanation! The doctor told me we need to try a home laser hair removal next time, maybe it will be better. I’ll see what happens then.

Anyway, i came home from the clinic with bad pains. And there was my husband asking me what it is for dinner, when I already explained him what happen. I mean he didn’t get what happened to me or why was he so insensible?He said I should be happy I afford to go to laser clinic and get hair removal treatment done and stop complaining. I was in pain from laser hair removal. Of course I was in a very bad mood and he couldn’t get why and we started arguing…badly. In the end, after 20 min arguing, he finally got it and said he will never again get into another discussion with me because us women are difficult. Interesting huh? IT doesn’t make sense but I guess lots of hard discussion between partners doesn’t make sense.

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